Selling your home could be an extremely painful experience and it is very important that the person and company who will assist you in the sale should be selected with extreme care.  Experience, knowledge and trust are needed to ensure a hassle free selling process.

When you decide to sell your home there are mainly two options available to you:

  • Selling your home privately
  • Sell with the assistance of an estate agent

Many people consider selling their home privately, because they believed that they will be saving commission, but selling privately is a breach of security, as you are inviting complete strangers into your home.

Your estate agent should be selected very carefully. The estate agent's responsibility is to successfully market your property and should be able to advise and manage the correct selling price (offering comparative market analysis), marketing of your home (advertising/marketing activities) and the process of sale (contracts and finance).

We offer the following services:

  • Complete saleability analysis of your home
  • Comparative marketing price analysis
  • Advise on how to best profiles your home
  • Have access to the Labusche Property Solutions buyers database
  • All Buyers are pre-qualified before they are introduced to your property
  • A professional for sale sign
  • Exposure through the Labusche Property Solutions website
  • Exposure through our show house program
  • Information on any relevant Market Changes
  • The use of all available marketing channels
  • Feedback on our marketing activities

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